AB06: AB-700 Train Kit

AB06: AB-700 Train Kit






The first train kit for diesel train has been released.
If you want to release your own paint made with this kit, write the following points in your ReadMe:

- Train model and base paint was made by AzulBraveTrains (Twitter: @NITS_tram)
- Bogie model was made by K-TREC (Twitter: @Kumoya_niconico)

It is not allowed to release or reuse model parts of the pack for other trains. If you have any questions, contact us. 

Credits of the pack:
- Nirvana (NITS-AzulBrave): Making train model, json
- NITS_Center: Seat model
- Kumoya (K-TREC): bogie model


Please open the ReadMe file before use!
Bitte erst den ReadMe öffnen!

The support of this pack has been ended.
Der Support für diesen Pack wurde beendet.

Password: AB06-Addon