AB-1100 / AB-1300 Train Kit


AB-1100 / 1300形を改造した車両を公開する際はreadmeに以下の記載をお願いします。

A new train kit of japanese commuter train is now released. You can use it to make your own cars. Please note the following points:
If you want to release your own paint made with this kit, write the following points in your ReadMe:
- Train model and base paint was made by AzulBraveTrains (Twitter: @NITS_tram)
- Bogie model was made by K-TREC (Twitter: @Kumoya_niconico)
It is not allowed to release or reuse model parts of the pack for other trains.
If you have any questions, contact us. 

Credits of the pack:
- Nirvana (NITS-Tram): Making train model, json
- NITS_Center: Seat model
- Kumoya (K-TREC): bogie model

Please open the ReadMe file before use!
Bitte erst den ReadMe öffnen!
Password: NK04-Kit